Best 10 expensive domain names ever sold

For any website we need one thing first . It is domain name.  We all know that domain name is very impotent.  selling is one of the coolest business ,where you can make good money just by selling for domain name. hear i am going to include , most Expensive domain name ever sold online.

most expensive domain name ever sold

Did you ever thought how much money domain seller can make. you will be surprised to see the list of top 10 domain name here and It price.

Sex is the Most Popular search keyword on internet .and this is true 75% internet users search this keyword  . Porn websites are the biggest seller in the world. :

This keyword have a $20 millions the most expensive domain sale of all the time. though when you will open this website you will be redirected to another website. :

Sold in 2008 with a price tag of $9,999,950.

 domain names ever Sold
domain names ever Sold : was sold at a price tag of $9,500,000 in 2007.It is also the highest selling keywords :

It’s been sold at a price of $7,500,000 almost 10 years back in 1999. :

It was sold at $7,500,000. : was sold at a price tag of $7,000,000.I also expected to see but the good news is domain name like, and similar name are among the top seller. :

Sold almost 9 year back in 2000 with a price tag of $5,100,000. :

The domain name like a country name in the list which was sold for $5,000,000. : almost at the end of top 10 list anyways for the info it was sold at a price tag of$5,500,000 :

SEO is one of the most popular search keyword in search engine and as name suggest it’s a SEO related website which was sold at a price tag of $5,000,000.


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