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Windows Phone 7 Games (Namco) Announced

Windows Phone 7 Games (Namco)  Announced


Namco has announced several classic games that will be arriving on the Windows Phone 7 . Games include Flight Control, More Brain Exercise, I Love Katamari, PAC-MAN and Puzzle Quest 2.

Some of these  games are already available now, but others are not yet quite ready and come soon on Windows Phone 7.

We included Some details hear…

* Flight Control – The popular iPhone original which Namco already brought to other platforms. You play as an air traffic controller that must guide their planes to safety. There are six different airfields and 10 types of aircraft. Plus, the Windows Phone 7 version also includes a new exclusive map with moving aerial obstacles!
* More Brain Exercise – Dr. Kawashima is back with 15 new puzzles which, as you may’ve heard, are made to stimulate different regions of the brain.
* I Love Katamari – A puzzler which sees you controlling a “highly-adhesive ball” called Katamari that grows when you run over and collect objects of increasing size.
* PAC-MAN – The all-time classic and the most recognized video game icon, according to Guinness Book of World Records.
* Puzzle Quest 2 – Match-3/role-playing puzzler where you explore the fantasy world using mana gems, spells and weapons.

Watch hear video below to see a quick demo of each of the games…

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