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Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste Update is comeing Soon

Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste Update is comeing Soon


Microsoft has added some instroductions on its website which shows users to how to troubleshoot problems while updating Windows Phone 7.

how to it works ? how to connect up a Windows Phone 7 device to your Windows PC. It also covers the Windows Phone 7 connector software that has been designed to run on the Mac operating system.

This article just arriving online, it is now expected that Microsoft is preparing to push out a Windows Phone 7 update. In particular, it is expected that this update will be the one that finally brings the copy and paste functions to the WP7 platform.

we also expect that Microsoft will also finally include the CDMA support which has prevented the likes of Verizon offering a Windows Phone 7.

If the new update does bring CDMA support, It is expected that the sales of WP7 devices to take an increase in sales.

More details of troubleshooting  was uploaded to Microsoft on January 27 and contains all the details here.we will back soon with more details of it..

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