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Vodafone Subsidized iPad Is coming in UK

Vodafone Subsidized iPad Is coming in UK


We now hear that Vodafone is following T-Mobile and O2 and also will be offering a cheaper iPad with a higher monthly cost.

Vodafone has yet to provide pricing or release dates for the subsidized iPad, but what we gather is that it will be expected early next year rather than being in time for Christmas.

With three of the main carriers announcing the iPad being subsidized, we believe that T-Mobile and O2 will also follow in the next few days and indicate that they will be following.

T-Mobile  is part of the Orange under Everything Everwhere and will perhaps launch along side Orange early next year.

There will be less upfront costs associated with buying the subsidized iPad, there will still be higher monthly costs attached for a contract on either an 18 or 24 month basis.

We will soon with pricing details of it…

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