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Verizon FiveSpot 3G WiFi Hotspot

Verizon FiveSpot 3G WiFi Hotspot


Verizon has announced a 3G MiFi device called FiveSpot. The FiveSpot is a 3G wireless hotspot that allows you to connect up several devices wirelessly to share a 3G connection whilst on the move.The device connects on to CDMA networks as well as GSM over HSPA networks which allows you to use it in other countries. the MiFi device costs $40/month for just 250MB of data and $60/month for 5GB.Other prices for lower usage include $15 for 100MB or $30 for 300MB. Each must be used within a day or week respectively.If you are a frequent traveler, you can sign up for roaming plans and get 5GB of data for $130/month for use in Canada and the US, and for travel to other countries the cost is a lot higher.for more detals we can wait for next two days.

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