Toshiba Introduce 3D TV Model Without Glasses!

Toshiba Introduce 3D TV Model Without Glasses!

Now 3D telivision Users watch 3D movie on TV without wearing the special glasses. Toshiba makes this possible.Tosiba has Introduce it’s new 3D model TV in Japan. It is based on Lcd technology (liquid-crystal display). other 3D-capable models have require glasses that act as filters to separate images to each eye to create the illusion of depth.

This 3D model requires users to wear special glasses. Its screens use processing technology to create depth-filled images and the Regza GL1 Series allow users to switch between 2D and 3D on normal TV programmes.

According to Wall Street Journa’s reports, Toshiba is aiming to put 3D glasses in a museum when it starts selling the first glasses-free 3D TVs in Japan ( May be in this week). Tosiba plans to make larger models of the product available worldwide next year. For this model customers have to Pay costs Yen 119,800 ($1440).

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Click n Bank Scam January 22, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Found this on MSN and I’m glad I did. Amazing article.


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