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Top Torrent Sites List of 2010

Top Torrent Sites List of 2010

# Demonoid is a private community, and members are held liable for any leeching that their invited friends do in this community. If you are lucky enough to get a Demonoid membership and invite your friends carefully. Lest you lose your own membership.

#, which has been rebranded as “Seed Peer” –  is a site with many years of history in the torrent community. Unfortunately, to the site seems to have been a target for malware being spread through older versions of Java language. Make sure you have Avira or antivirus software installed and running before you visit this or any torrent site.

# Kick Ass This site is a new favorite with a growing community. The interface is a distinctive earth color, and the search results display in a useful format of columns, including torrent health. The best part of Kick Ass Torrents is their comment and feedback system… the user community watches the quality of torrents, and offers their recommendations and warnings. Kick Ass Torrents could become a very big player in the P2P world of 2010. Check these folks out, and let’s see if they grow in user size.

# isn’t technically a torrent search site; rather, VCDQ specializes in verifying torrents. VCDQ employs a committee of serious users to confirm that torrents do indeed exist for thousands of titles, especially brand new movie releases. Use VCDQ to confirm that a title is available, then copy the torrent name to paste into a search engine like Definitely give a try; this is a great resource for avoiding fake torrent files.

# TorrentZap: This was recommended recently by readers.

# Torrent Root: as another metasearch engine, Torrent Root will scan through other search engines on your behalf, and display the results in a slick tabbed interface.

# This site is delightfully clean and fast. For high-volume downloaders, this site is a really slick choice.

# CinemaTorrents: this site offers something really unique: IMDB ratings and vote information right on the search page. You can see public opinions on the movie itself before you download.

# is very visual and very busy. But the thumbnails and file information at this site are tremendous. This site is definitely worth trying, as it is very browsing-friendly for discovering movies and music artists.

# BiteNova (formerly known as “Bi-Torrents”, BiteNova is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format.)

# (A newer torrent search engine that several readers are very fond of.)

# Thunderbytes: As of March 2010, Thunderbytes is a private site that you’ll need an invitation to join.

# Plentyoftorrents: this is a kind of launchpad search engine that offers choices where you want to search. Multiple users have recommended Plentyoftorrents this summer; let us know what you think of this site.

# Torrent Tree
This search site is written in Ajax code language. Like any meta-search engine, Torrent Tree pulls its results from many other search engines. But Torrent Tree pulls “more” search results than any other current metasearcher. Definitely give this site a try.

# This Netherlands site offers a simple interface and large index of torrents. It also offers a broad selection of European language movies and music.

# Blues Brothers: Blues Brothers is a private site with a strong community and file-sharing ethic. As a private site, you can expect the leeching (selfish) users to be reduced. The BB community also strives to police itself by carefully watching each member’s upload ratio… if you abuse your ratio, you are blocked from downloading until you donate. This policy may seem a bit harsh, but members seem to really appreciate it.

# Now Torrents offers a special service: it filters out fake-dead torrents. It also offers date-range searching, so you can search for specific years of content.

# Entertane: An obscure-but-good metasearch engine. Pore through 24 other torrent sites quickly by using Just be patient when you click the name of each sub-search engine… it takes a few moments to load each result list.

# (special thanks to reader, Jonathan R., for this link)

# Bitsoup Bitsoup is a favorite with some P2P downloaders, but this summer 2010 has not been a warm time at the Bitsoup community. There are allegations of draconian forum moderation and heavy-handed administrators being abusive to members. If you try Bitsoup, let us know how they treat you there.

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