Top Free iPhone Apps 2011

Top Free iPhone Apps 2011

Hear i am includeing details of fresh  free Apps list of iphone, along with a streaming media player, and an app from TiVo that will probably help hinder your productivity.

TiVo (iPad) Free



The app gives you full control of your TiVo box, And complete ability to search for shows and set either single or Season Pass recordings for them.

You can trigger a show to start playing from your iPad, browse a full-screen program guide while watching another show on your TV, and set recordings while you’re away from home. TiVo turns your iPad into a giant, multifunctional remote . if you use the service, you’re going to want this app.

AirView (iPhone, iPad) Free



This free app and it allows you to turn your device into a streaming media player, drawing its material from another iPhone or iPad, or from your PC or Mac.

It’s a little unstable and probably won’t last long in the App Store, but it’s also free and has some great functionality when it works.

AirPlay app on the device you want to watch on, and load a video on another device, like iTunes.

OneNote (iPhone) Free



Microsoft’s Windows Live-integrated note-taking app is free for a limited time to celebrate its release, and if you like Windows Live services for your computer, you’ll probably find what you need in OneNote.

You have to need a free Windows Live web account to use OneNote, but once you’re set up, the app will integrate with your settings over the Internet.

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