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The Golden Joystick Awards: Mass Effect 2 IS Now Game of The Year

The Golden Joystick Awards: Mass Effect 2 IS Now Game of The Year


The Golden Joystick Awards: Mass Effect 2 is selected the Game of The Year in the world, the Golden Joystick Awards is the largest and most popular video games awards in the gameing industry.

It is selected by voteing .With the votes now in and counted, victory falls to Mass Effect 2 as ‘The Ultimate Game of The Year’. With such strong opposition from games like Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2, for Mass Effect to take the pip is thanks to the many individuals who had a part to play in it’s development.

You can find who the other winners for the various awards given out here at the Golden Joystick Awards website.

The catergories for the Awards were:

1  Action/Adventure Game Of The Year
2  Fighting Game Of The Year
3  Download Game Of The Year
Music Game Of The Year
5  Portable Game Of The Year
6  Racing Game Of The Year
7  Soundtrack Of The Year
8  RPG Of The Year
9  Puzzle Game Of The Year
10 Sports Game Of The Year
11 Online Game Of The Year
12 Strategy Game Of The Year
13 Shooter Of The Year
14 UK Developer Of The Year
15 One To Watch
16 Ultimate Game Of The Year

We’ve included a few of the winners for you below.

1 Fighting Game of The Year

2 Super Street Fighter IV

3 Racing Game of The Year

4 Forza Motorsport 3

5 Sports Game of The Year

6 Fifa 10

7 Action Game of The Year

8 Assassin’s Creed 2

9 One To Watch

10 Call of Duty Black Ops

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