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Table Connect for iPhone Demonstrated on Video

Table Connect for iPhone Demonstrated on Video


Table Connect for iPhone Demonstrated on Video. We have Included the video demonstration below shows the Tablet Connect for iPhone. The table computer is a 58 inch capacitive touchscreen laying flat.
It has a dock connector built in and supposedly allows users to open up an app on the iPhone and have the iPhone pushed over to the table computer.

There are a few problems with the presentation. though in that first off, it has a large 58 inch capacitive touchscreen with no bezel.

Quite hard to come by if at all possible at the moment. Also a few people have spotted that at 14 seconds in to the clip. the power button is pressed on the iPhone by the small finger secretly. Also some people think the pinch to zoom effects are a little off indicating it could be just a telly playing back a looks good and interesting You Can See in Video.

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