T-Mobile 4G MiFi Is Launching in 2011

T-Mobile 4G MiFi Is Launching in 2011



T-Mobile is launching a MiFi solution in next year (2011). The first two MiFi devices is launching in sometime in the moth of March. and it has been codenamed “Lil Wayne” what is the main resion we don’t know at the time.

You can see it in the image above shown billow on T-Mobile documentation that says Verizon is bundling a MiFi with the iPad and that T-Mobile will be doing the same with a MiFi capable of 4G speeds.

And second router will be launching in Q2 of 2011. We don’t have a more Details of this particular router this time.

We expect an announcement will soon official.

Source By : T-MoNews

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