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Spotify world of music Comes to the iPod

Spotify is rolling out a new service iPod users. Spotify  includes those with an iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod shuffle which will see each of the devices capable of being connected up to the Spotify app on the PC or Mac. Once they will connected with the regular 30 pin connector, the iPod will show up in a new Devices section.

You can now sync your iPod . You also have the ability to download tracks or/and complete playlists that you have saved. The pricing drops to as low as 50p per track in the UK depending on how many MP3’s you purchase.


Spotify has also launched the following services:

Spotify Mobile app now available to all, but there are also a lot of Spotify Free users out there who are iPhone and Android phone owners. You asked for the ability to buy your MP3 playlists and sync to your phones.

Everyone can download the Spotify Mobile iPhone & Android apps to wirelessly sync your MP3 playlists in Spotify from your computer to your phone.

The updates are rolling out today. Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of how Spotify is changing . you have to see it to know more…

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