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Spotify for webOS Devices Announced

Spotify for webOS Devices Announced

Spotify for webOS Devices Announced.Spotify has announced that the service is now available for those using webOS based smartphones, in particular the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. The app its self is free although to use it you’ll need to subscribe to the premium subscription service that is costs  for £9.99 per month and gives you access to plenty of music.

the Palm webOS version of the software allows you to search, browse and play music from a selection of millions of tracks. Playlists are also syncronised to the device and can be downloaded which allows you to use them whilst off line.

And the New features include the ability to sync files to your phone from your computer and the ability to network with friends and see what music they have got.

Spotify also connects up to Facebook and other social networking sites to let you inform your friends of what music you listen to.

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