Sony Is launching Music Services

Sony Is launching Music Services

Sony is launches all set to compete with Apple I-tunes with the launch of a music and video download service of its own.and it is  Announced at IFA, a consumer electronics show in Berlin, Music Unlimited service will let users download high-definition movies and songs over the internet and watch them on other web-enabled Sony devices, including its TVs, laptops and digital music and more.Sony would use its Web-connected Play-Station games as the starting point for a new service that users will be able to use across a range of other Internet-connected devices. it should  be launched next year the cloud-based service will offer movies and soon music will be added at the end of the year. Over time it will add to its service game applications and e-books .Sony’s last launch in the music download service in the US was called Connect. Sony hopes to compete all over in the digital music arena with Music Unlimited.

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