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Skype Hits 27 Million Simultaneous Users

Skype Hits 27 Million Simultaneous Users


Skype hit a record in the number of people who were simultaneously using the service Yesterday .

27 million users were logged in to the service which is up 2 million from the previous record During peak hours.

An extra couple of million people might have been logged on is due to some recent changes. this is main reasons,such as the iOS version of the app allowing video calls to be made.

We know that the 102.5 billion minutes of calls were made in 2010. the service accounted for 1 out of every 5 minutes of international calls made last year.

And after that Video chat is also becoming popular and now accounts for 40 percent of all calls made by Skype users.

We expect to see the service continue to grow throughout in the next year (2011).

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