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Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile Drops $50 in Price Again

Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile Drops $50 in Price Again


T-Mobile has decided to cut the price of the Galaxy Tab’s knocking off another $50 which cut the price to $249.99.

New price tag is for those willing to sign a 2 year agreement with T-Mobile.

The price drop has happened due to a number of new tablets will launching soon. At CES there were over 100 new tablets announced for launch this coming year.

These tablets, in some cases, will offer more features and some of them will also run Android 3.0 AKA Honeycomb.

The Galaxy Tab has done well in its first few months of launch, expect that other tablets will soon knock it down a peg or 2 although we already hear rumors that Samsung is working on its next iteration of the Galaxy Tab.

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