PS3 to get LOVEFiLM

PS3 to get LOVEFiLM



PS3 to get LOVEFi LMIt looks like PlayStation 3 owners may be getting a few more films to add to there collection next month, courtesy of

A short video spotted by VG 247 on PlayStation 3’s official YouTube channel. Unfortunately it seems as though this may have been somewhat premature as since then the video has been removed.

What the video did show was that it allowed those users who are already subscribed to LOVEFiLM, to manage their Blu-Ray and DVD rentals as well as giving them access to a massive online catalogue of movies just as you would do on your PC.

This comes PS3  (for quite a while now) as it has only been in the that gamers have been given the option to stream HD content via their console. So now the UK gets the chance to do the same as long as they are already subscribed to LOVEFiLM in the first place, though signing-up to this on you computer prior to using the service on your PS3 is fairly straight forward.

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