Price For HTCs SIM-free Trophy (£439.99 )

Price For HTCs SIM-free Trophy (£439.99 )





HTC Trophy will be coming to the UK on the Vodafone network, but If you would rather not have to worry about an 18-24 month contract or pay through the nose each month for your glorious and lovely new handset then fear not.

On the side of specification it have a nice-sized 3.8-inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen at 400 x 800 pixels as well as the usual accelerometer, proximity sensor and multi-touch input. What’s more, you get 8Gb of internal memory along with 576Mb of RAM.

For £439.99 We Will get all the standard amenities including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as a microUSB port to boot. The camera comes with a 5.0 mega-pixels, with an LED flash, auto-focus and face recognition, so right on track with current devices and of course, you get video recording and playback at the usual 720p.we get to play around with Microsoft’s newest Windows Phone 7 OS to your heart’s content.

The only “con” so far that we can foresee is that with any mobile device housing the latest tech and gadgetry,battery time you get may take quite the whack, this is especially so if everything is switched on and enabled to it’s fullest. So it may be an idea to work out what you intend on using the most and what you don’t intend on using the least if at all. Fairly obvious we know, but with more recent handsets suffering similar problems, it really does have an impact.Other than all this, will you be getting your hands on one? For £439.99,

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