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Orange is planning to launch contactless payments in Europe

Orange is planning to launch contactless payments in Europe


Orange is planning to launch contactless payments. The new payment system will be installed in the UK, France, Spain and Poland. when it launch (may be the second half in this year), It will allow NFC equipped smartphones to be used as a mobile wallet to pay for items.

Samsung Wave 578 is the first device to be made compatible to use this service.Orange will launch more devices on its network over the coming months and years.

Orange plan that half of all smartphones launched By the end of 2011. As they are heavily pushing this system out across Europe, we hope that new smartphones have the needed technology to connect with the electronic payment systems.

Press release also makes mention of the transport system in parts of France being connected up with this technology. Orange will be aiming to make this main stream over the coming years.Google Android 2.3 and 2.4 are both geared up for NFC payments.

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