Office for Mac 2011 Reviewed

Office for Mac 2011 Reviewed



Office for Mac 2011 Reviewed. Microsoft [MSFT] has launch a new version of Office for Mac operating system . It is called Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and is the first updated version in 3 years.

All Things is the describe. it as being new ,and it is a faster and  better version. They also report that when opening documents created in Windows on the Mac that the conversion is far better, although not perfect but still better than the 2008 version with the document rendering closer to the Windows version than it ever has before.

One big feature landing on the Mac this time around is Outlook. This will be a big bonus for companies who use Exchange servers for business as it will now let users more easily integrate with the company Exchange servers to get their Calendar, Email and contacts.

If you have purchased Office for Mac 2008 recently, check out the official website as you might be eligible for a free upgrade.

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