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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Coming on 2012

We hear that the Nokia will launch Windows phone 7 in 2012. we see the first Nokia smartphone with WP7 installed next year .We had hopes that Nokia would release Windows Phone 7 devices sometime towards the end of 2011.

According to the managing director of Nokia, who says that the company is working on a 12 month time line to introduce the first WP7 OS based smartphones. With this in mind, Nokia could be using a next iteration of WP7 that is currently referred to as Mango. Mango is expected to be previewed and perhaps released by the end of this year.


Nokia and Microsoft both, this could be a win-win situation for both as Nokia were struggling with the Symbian platform that seems a couple of generations behind. WP7 should help push it to the front again and with that  Microsoft could also get the boost it needs to catch up with Android and iOS.Nokia need to act quick as 2012 is another over 9 months away and a lot can change in that time this day in age. Users have to wait for long time to use the Nokia Windows Phone 7.

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