New virus threats phones using Android

New virus threats phones using Android

Google Nexus S

Google Nexus S

Google’s Android operating system has emerged in China, it is said by US security experts .Itcan allow a hacker to gain access to personal data.

Lookout Mobile Security said the new Trojan affecting Android devices . It has been dubbed “Geinimi” and “can compromise a significant amount of personal data on a user’s phone and send it to remote servers.”

the most sophisticated Android malware we’ve seen to date.

“Once the malware is installed on a smartphone, it has the potential to receive commands from a remote server and allow the owner of that server to control the phone,” Lookout said.

“Geinimi’s author(s) have raised the sophistication bar significantly over and above previously observed Android malware by employing techniques to obfuscate its activities.”

What is the motive for virus was not clear at the moment , according the Lookout, which added that this could be used for anything from “a malicious ad-network to an attempt to create an Android botnet.”

Company said that the only users like to be affected are those downloading Android apps from China.

According to the security firm “It is important to remember that even though there are instances of the games repackaged with the Trojan, the original versions available in the official Google Android Market have not been affected,” .

The infected apps included repackaged versions sold in China of Monkey Jump 2, President vs. Aliens, City Defense and Baseball Superstars 2010.

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