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New iOS 4.2-GM Released On Over the Weekend

New iOS 4.2-GM Released On Over the Weekend


It was revealed that the rumoured iOS 4.2 release date (of last Friday) was being pushed further away a little due to problems identified in the iOS 4.2 GM release. The problems were with WiFi and loading up webpages over WiFi for some users.

The new iOS 4.2 GM release is expected to fix these issue and if successful, the final version will be released to public shortly after.

Apple has only said that iOS 4.2 was being launched in November with no specific dates mentioned. As long as it lands by November 30 it will still technically be on-time.

The good side of all this is that they have identified a bug and will be fixing it before its made public.

you have  run in to any WiFi problems with the iPad on 4.2 GM? I personally have not, so it seems to be causing problems for some users and not others.

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