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New Invisibility Cloak Created

New Invisibility Cloak Created


You can make an object appear invisible it have only a few ways. there is One method seen before includes putting cameras on the back of an object while covering the front with a screen… thus passing the light from the back to the front of the object.

The prisms are calcite and are created using just $1000. It can hide an object about 2mm in height although there’s no reason that couldn’t be increased. there is a One problem It  prisms larger would be needed which might be a little awkward to hide under in times of need.

Most people think of defense and security although this particular method could be used to hide cables under the ocean as described in the quote below when the cloaks are mentioned.

“A fully functional invisibility cloak can have important applications especially in areas of defense and security. The cloak can also be used to hide cables on the seabed or help biologists in marine research where fish or other ocean creatures are not disturbed.”

this project is on testing this time  so there is no official release date for when we might see this cloak become available.we will come soon with more details.

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