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New DLC Heading For Halo Reach (Reach Halo)

New DLC Heading For Halo Reach (Reach Halo)

Halo Reach Noble Team
Halo Reach Noble Team

New DLC Heading For Halo.Reach Halo at the moment, Microsoft’s shining star against a backdrop of run-of-the-mill first-person shooters which has received amazing reviews for its great storyline, beautiful design and fantastic gameplay and many features have this game. It sold in the region of $200 million worth of goods for the company during it’s first 24 – hrs and as far as statistics go, continues to do very well for itself.

In the month of november for 800 Microsoft points, we will be able to get Reach’s first piece(s) of DLC. This will firstly include an additional 250 achievement points to ‘Reach’ for (apologies for pun but couldn’t help it) and 3 new multi-player map

It’s new ‘Tempest’ features an abandoned beach fortress. The second is called ‘Anchor’, is an orbital dockyard ship repair facility and lastly you’ll get to play on ‘Breakpoint’, which features mountaintops housing an archaeological dig site.

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