Microsoft is launching its IE 9 beta version on 15 September 2010.

Microsoft is launching its IE 9 beta version on 15 September  2010.

Microsoft changes in IE design which the world will see on 15 September IE 9 Beta is Faster than other browsers Now , Microsoft developed a New JavaScript Engine witch name is  Chakra  it runs JavaScript in the background of our computer on a separate CPU core, it is parallel to the Internet Explorer IE 9 beta browser  which will make for much faster JavaScript rendering and a better overall internet experience .According to the SunSpider benchmark test, IE9 PP3 comes in at 347 milliseconds overall–outperforming both Chrome 4 and Firefox.
Direct X video acceleration features of IE 9 beta will use less CPU power than other popular browsers, and left Google Chrome smoking in IE 9 beta  trails when Microsoft demonstrated Internet Explorer 9 running two 720p HD videos simultaneously while Google Chrome lagged with just one.

Compliance to latest standards IE 9 beta compatibility with HTML5 and CSS 3.icrosoft has shown commitment to adhere to standards set by the W3C. This move also hopes to ease the burden on web developers, who have to tune a single website differently for it to render accurately different browsers.

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