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Microsoft is going to meet Motorola in court Over Patent Issues

Microsoft is going to meet Motorola in court Over Patent Issues


Microsoft is going to meet Motorola in court after it has charged the latter over allegedly infringing on the software giant’s nine patents in its Android smartphones.Software giant Microsoft has sued handset producer Motorola ongrounds of patent infringement. Microsoft has lodged the complaints in both the International Trade Commission as well as in Washington, in the U.S. District Court.Microsoft claims  on the Motorola that it has violated 9% that include contacts, calendar, email, battery power and signal strength as well in its smart phone features in its Droid 2 phone.Microsoft Deputy General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez “We have a responsibility to our customers, partners and shareholders to safeguard the billions of dollars we invest in bringing innovative software products and services to market,”Motorola uses the Google based Android system in its Motorola Droid, i1, Cliq, Devour, Backflip and Charm said that they would “vigorously defend itself in this matter.”

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