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Microsoft’s New Software For Tablets soon

Microsoft’s New Software For Tablets soon


Microsoft Says that the new software for tablets is coming soon. According to sources, the software is in windows version designed specifically for tablets and running on ARM Holdings mobile technology. it is said to be tailored for battery- powered devices, like tablets and wireless handsets.

Michael Gartenberg (Gartner analyst ) commented in one of the daily newspaper that “Unveiling of the Microsoft’s new software will give the company an opportunity to win over some of the over 100,000 people likely to attend the premier technology trade show.”

According to the CEO of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based investing firm, Capital Advisors who said: “By the time Microsoft gets it figured out everybody will already own an iPad. That train has left the station.”

Microsoft is taking a different approach from Apple, which used a mobile-phone operating system as the basis for the iPad.

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