Latest Microsoft Xbox game Halo is going to sale from today

Latest Microsoft Xbox game Halo is going to sale from today

Hundreds have queued around midnight to get their hands on the latest and probably the last installment of Halo to be developed by Bungie studios.The Halo franchise is exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and about 34 million copies of Halo games is going to sold from world wide today. The latest sequel of the game will be retailed in 25 countries. It is Developed by Bungie is  the first edition of Halo was released as a launch title for Microsoft’s XBox game console and became immensely popular title,The game sees players engaged in a futuristic war between humanity and a race of aliens hell-bent on mankind’s destruction.

The latest  Halo Reach doesn’t feature Master Chief, the franchise’s iconic lead character. Instead, the action takes place before the main Halo trilogy, and instead traces the fortunes of Spartan super-humans charged with defending Reach from a group of aliens known as the Covenant. Retailers around the world are stocking their shelves with anticipation they will soon be empty due to the demand and excitement the game has generated.Another feature of Halo is that it will be the last “Halo” game developed by Kirkland-based Bungie, which is now passing the torch to Microsoft’s own 343 Industries.

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