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IPTV Coming Next Month on Xbox 360

IPTV Coming Next Month on Xbox 360


IPTV is Coming to Xbox 360  Next Month.Sony’s PlayStation 3 has had the capabilities for quite a while now via it’s PlayTV service, which adds an extra peripheral but does allow the user to watch and record programmes from a huge range of TV channels.

It’s has been a long time coming but Xbox 360 owners may now finally be able to watch their favourite TV programmes on x-box 360 in high definition quality video (all in glorious High-Def) as well,on internet their console by using it as a set-top box. This was originally announced though by Microsoft  nearly 4 years ago at CES 2007.

owners will have a first need to sign-up with AT&T’s Uverse IPTV Service and then they’ll need to already own a DVR that’s been activated to this same service. The other small catch is that the xbox 360 will need to have a hard drive as well which seems fairly reasonable if you’re one with a rather large list of favourite shows you don’t plan on missing.

This latest addition should be coming shortly after the new Dashboard update due early. may be in November.

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