iPhone AKA 5 Rumored to Have 4 Inch Screen

iPhone AKA 5 Rumored to Have 4 Inch Screen



Apple could increase the screen size on the next version of the iPhone AKA iPhone 5 up to a 4 inch screen. It is because of the competition that larger screen Android devices bring to the game.

It isn’t clear exactly what kind of screen is being used, We did hear rumors yesterday of the iPad using a Super PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) display that increases contrast as well as viewing angles, but it also isn’t of course confirmed until the iPad 2 is announced (expected in a few weeks time).

DigiTimes reports that the CPU used in the next gen model will be a Cortex A5 although the speed and finer details are not known at this time. What it will likely be is a dual-core SoC similar to the custom processor found in current Apple devices.

None of this is confirmed by Apple, but there’s certainly nothing here that’s too crazy in that Android devices have larger screens and are beginning to run dual-core processors.

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