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iPhone 4 Glass Breaks More than iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 Glass Breaks More than iPhone 3GS




SquareTrade has launched iPhone 4.iPhone 4 has a higher percentage of breakages with the glass when compared to the iPhone 3GS.

According to SquareTrade’s numbers, 4.7 percent of iPhone 4 users have reported accidental damage to their devices within the first four months of ownership. that’s up from 2.8 % of iPhone 3GS owners over the same introductory period. Among those, broken glass is overwhelmingly the number one type of accident: 82 percent of iPhone 4 owners reported cracked glass, compared to 76 percent of iPhone 3GS owners. That works out to roughly 82 percent more broken screens for iPhone 4 users than for iPhone 3GS users.

It isn’t clear at the moment what percentage is front glass vs rear glass on the iPhone 4.iPhone 4 is related to twice the amount of glass with the device having it on the front and back.The key of course, is to make sure you don’t drop it. Easier said than done for a number of  people.

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