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Hacked ITunes Accounts Taken off China E-commerce Site

Hacked ITunes Accounts Taken off China E-commerce Site

Hacked ITunes Accounts
Hacked ITunes Accounts has decided to remove all product listings relating to the sale of the stolen of hacked iTunes accounts in China has been dealt a blow as the Chinese online retailer (

Taobao is a largest online retailer in china. and it  have a 370 million users, and it said removed the product listings after consumers reported that some of the iTunes accounts purchased had been stolen.

Taobao would allow users to buy goods on the store at bargain Chinese prices because Many of the iTunes accounts sold on  Taobao . Some advertised the purchase of US$100 worth of iTunes products for as low as 55 yuan ($8.30).

security analyst said the accounts were likely obtained by hackers, who have been stealing information from U.S.and  The accounts sold on Taobao came with a recommendation that consumers make their purchases within 12 hours of buying the service. This would prevent the original holders of the account from noticing the charges before they had a chance to cancel their credit card information.

It did not know that how many of the product listings were removed. Taobao said it took down all listings in the interest of protecting its shoppers. The sale of iTunes gift cards on the site appears not to be affected.The Chinese iTunes store only accepts payment by credit card.

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