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GreenPois0n iPhone 4 Jailbreak Download Now Ready

GreenPois0n iPhone 4 Jailbreak Download Now Ready


GreenPois0n iPhone 4 Jailbreak Download Now ReadyThe GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak was originally planned for a launch this Sunday just gone. However, Geohot sneakily launched the Limera1n jailbreak that used a different method to open up the iPhone.

The Chronic Dev Team behind GreenPois0n have now modified the code use in GreenPois0n to use the same exploit as Limera1n and thus, preserving a second exploit for another time. The iPhone 4 jailbreak by GreenPois0n is now ready for download.

jailbreakable 4.1 on your devices after Apple has closed their 4.1 signing window (they’ll close the 4.1 window once they push out their next firmware version). If you fail to do this and ever need to restore to 4.1 again, you can still jailbreak but it will be a tethered JB (you’ll need to connect to your computer to finish the booting process, each and every time).

you can backup your 4.1 SHSH hashes without even being at 4.1 or even being jailbroken, by using Tiny Umbrella.” iPhone Dev

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