Google will hire more than 6,200 workers this year

Google will hire more than 6,200 workers this year

google jobs

google jobs

Google plans to hire more than 6,200 workers this year. google is Internet’s most profitable company.

President Barack Obama expected to emphasize the need for more jobs during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. Google CEO Eric Schmidt was among a group of business leaders who met with Obama last month to discuss ways to bolster the listless economy.

The company needs to aggressively recruit the smartest computer engineers and most persuasive sales representatives to maintain its lead in online search and advertising, as well as to diversify into other services in computing, telecommunications and the media.

Google outlined its hiring plans Tuesday with The Associated Press without providing many specifics beyond its pledge to hire more people than it did in 2007 when it added 6,131 workers. Google hired nearly 4,600 people last year to end 2010 with 24,400 employees. Based on its hiring commitment, Google’s work force will increase by at least 25 percent this year.

In an effort to retain its current employees, the company this year gave its entire work force a raise of 10 percent. That move alone could increase Google’s operating expenses by about $500 million this year, based on analyst estimates. Virtually all employees also receive stock options, a benefit that turned most of the company’s early hires into multimillionaires.

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