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Google unveils its recommendation engine Hotpot In India

Google unveils its recommendation engine Hotpot In India


This is a free tool by which users can gather local knowledge and recommend establishments such as restaurants or stores they might want to visit.

This also enables users to tap their friends’ suggestions to discover new places.

The search engine giant unveiled an early version of Hotpot in a blog post. It is also learned that Google plans to release an iPhone version soon.

The other major feature is that people can access Hotpot via the web.
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The distinct feature is that Hotpot converts the recommendations of your connections into advice for you.

Using a new Google widget installed from their smartphone’s home screen, users can write and publish ratings and reviews about it.

These ratings will be taken to create customized and personalized search results.

Hotpot works with Google Places and is based on Google Places’ directory of 50 million locations around the world.

The three ingredients in Hotpot are Google Places data, places you recommend, and places your friends recommend.

Amidst the many recommendation engines that synch with Google Maps such as Yelp and Citysearch,  first self-branded recommendation service.

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