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Google is launching WebP For Faster Internet

Google is launching WebP For Faster Internet

Google WebP
Google WebP

Google [GOOG] is launching a new image format WebP.webp will help in squashes down the file size of images to make them smaller.on that way it will quicker downloaded by users.The aim of Google is to make the web faster.the webP format can reduce the file size of a JPEG image by about 40% making images a lot smaller in file size.with this format,no change will come in image quality with it not really even being noticable.Another interesting thing is that 65 percent of traffic on the internet is image traffic according to Google. Cut image sizes down by 40% on average and you have a lot of bandwidth savings. Google has a lot of work though to make webP a common standard. No graphics package, camera or any other device uses the format. We suspect though that when it is launched that gradually manufacturers and publishers will start to switch over to save costs on bandwidth and make the browsing experience quicker for users.

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