Google Instant Arriving on Android Devices

Google Instant Arriving on Android Devices



Google Instant is a service from Google that streams live search results as you type them out. It allows you to search a

little quicker as you can see search phrases and results being built up and predicted as you type. Google Instant Arriving on Android Devices.

When you see what you want you then don’t need to hit enter, rather you just click the link to go where you want to go.

The service at the moment is available to logged in users on the desktop although we now hear that users of Google Android smartphones are now starting to see this

service while performing searches on their handset.

When entering text, the results on the mobile are now updated live as you type. Right now, it is only available on a select few phones it seems and even services to

those users hasn’t been fully rolled out yet. We expect it will take a few weeks before all users can access the service.

The video below explains the Google Instant.

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