Google has launched Google Earth 6 Gets 3D Trees Added

Google has launched Google Earth 6 Gets 3D Trees Added



Google has launched Google Earth 6. Google Earth New features that can be found in version 6 include 3D trees that give Google Earth an even more realistic look.

While 3D buildings as been a part of Google Earth, trees have now been added to refurbish the environment. Earth 6 boasts the introduction of 80 million 3D trees in Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Tokyo, which have been “digitally planted” using models of dozens of species of trees.Another feature now brings an integrated Street View to the service where pegman now sits in the navigation controls and can be dragged anywhere on to the globe that is covered by Street View.

It’s Street View has been available in Google Earth for a couple of years now, but this was more of an overlay where you jumped in to bubbles. Google has now made the integration more seamless for users.

you can find more information and download on google earth’s page.

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