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Google Goggles Arrives on iPhone 4 and 3GS

Google Goggles Arrives on iPhone 4 and 3GS


Google Goggles Arrives on iPhone 4G and said this from google app yesterday on the iphone.A new feature was added in to the Google App includes Google Goggles that allows you to take a picture of an object and have Google scan and recognise what it is.

The Googles service has  on Android devices for several months. now this is the first time We have been able to run it on your iPhone.Now we can take a picture and Google scans and recognises the image and provides search results based on what it sees.Accuracy isn’t amazing from what we have found in that a number of objects photographed a few moments ago were either not recognised, or were listed as being something entirely different, but when it does work it works quite well.

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