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Google celebrates its 12th birthday

Google celebrates its 12th birthday

Google celebrates its 12th birthday by cake with a single lighted candle.World’s most famous search engine is clebrating it’s 12th birthday .google Users are around the world they were surprised to see a doodle of a cake with a single lighted candle on their Google homepage. The doodle is Google’s way of commemorating the website’s completion of 12 years.

google birth day
google birth day

The doodle that is far more simplistic than Google’s previous doodles, like that of Packman or buckyball, is a painting which has been reproduced by permission of VAGA, Visual Artists and Galleries Association is a work by artist Wayne Thiebaud, who is known for his association with the Pop Art movement, and his interest in painting everyday, ordinary objects which includes many cakes.The site engine that found its place in our hearts was first registered as a domain name by Page and Brin in the year 1997.“Googol,” is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.The birthday cake has Google written on it in red letters and the letter “l” is a candle on the cake.

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