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General Packet Radio Service – About GPRS

About GPRS
About GPRS

The aim of this book is to provide the reader with a thorough grounding in the General
Packet Radio Service – GPRS. The authors have assumed that the reader will have at least
a basic understanding of GSM and the associated theory and terminology. The introduction
contains a basic review of GSM to ensure that the reader is clear on the main aspects of
circuit switched technology, as this will make the differences and advantages of packet
oriented GPRS both more apparent and easier to understand.
The book will endeavour to take the reader beyond the specifications and into other
crucial areas such as applications, implementation and other near-future aspects such as
E-GPRS, the migration towards all-IP networks and the role played by GPRS in enabling
packet data transfer from UMTS.
Wherever possible real-world examples will be given to support and illustrate the text.
Readers of GPRS Networks have the following options with regard to obtaining further
information on GPRS and other telecommunications subjects.

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