Facebook Updates Groups: What’s New In It

Facebook has announced updated to its Group feature on Monday. it’s aim to make the platform a better place to share content within small networks.

private photo sharing platform Path and a host of group messaging companies have highlighted the importance of sharing within small groups, it seems Facebook is taking selective sharing more seriously as well.

Facebook unveiled a new Groups feature that creates shared spaces where members can participate in communal group chats, email lists, document sharing and photo tagging.on october.



Now the facebook is improving this feature, as well as launching a “Send” button that creates a more specific sharing alternative to the all-friends “Like” button.

Admin Control: The Group admin now has an option to maintain new member approval power.

Questions: You can now use Facebook’s new poll-like Questions feature within groups.

Photo Albums: Members of Groups can already share photos with each other easily. Now they can share entire albums the same way.

Group Search: Like Gmail, you can now search through the posts in a Facebook Group to easily find content. This feature will roll out slowly throughout the next week.

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