Facebook places launched in UK

Facebook places launched in UK

Facebook’s latest  new  application “Facebook Places” allows  to users to share their location with their friends.The service has launched in the US last month. and is one of a new raft of social networking services that use the GPS function on many smartphones to work out exactly where a person is at any point. Facebook Places allows users to click the ‘check in’ button on their Facebook profile which will let their where abouts known to other users via the GPS function built into their handsets. Users can choose to make your location known to all other Facebook users or restrict visibility to just your Facebook friends.

In addition to that users can use the “People Here Now” feature that shows other Facebook users in your location and can also tag friends and fellow Facebook users that happen to be with you.In order to avoid the controversy that is already building upon the new application with critics calling it a stalkers tool.Facebook places application is optional and a user’s location is not stored unless they check in or accept a tag from a friend. Check—ins are defaulted to friends—only rather than everyone on Facebook.

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