Facebook is Re-Works on Its Gaming Platform

Facebook is Re-Works on Its Gaming Platform

Facebook have a limited Feeds based on its games.The  Facebook game feeds are often posted online along with our regular post’s making it a daily affair.Notifications to Facebook users about games will be limited to those users who are actually playing them; if users are not playing “Farmville” or “Mafia Wars,” for example, won’t automatically receive new notifications about them. The revamping will also include a new button called the “Games section” which will include player requests.

But all that is going to change with Facebook revamping its gaming platform. According to Jared Morgenstern, product manager for games at Facebook,” we’re launching features to give you better control over the updates you see in your News Feed,”Facebook games designed by Zynga has truly revolutionized computer games by luring our friends into competing with us through feeds boasting of their achievements or asking us to join them in the fun.

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