eBay Instant Sale Lets You Recycle Old Gadgets

eBay Instant Sale Lets You Recycle Old Gadgets



eBay Instant Sale Lets You Recycle Old Gadgets. eBay has announced eBay Instant Sale. This new service gives you an opportunity to recycle some of your old gadgets for a fixed fee rather than putting them through the auction process.

The service is able to buy back gadgets from you in the Laptop, Phone, Tablet, PDA, Digital Camera, MP3 Player, Camcorders and GPS categories.

This is not a way to make a ton of money, but just a more simple way of getting rid of gadgets if you want a quick payment. Not all gadgets are listed either. All the searches we did (not that many, but several popular items) were not available for selling and instead, a recommendation of sending them to eBay for free was given.

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Lisa Patterson January 29, 2011 at 4:59 am

All the money is going to the Corporations and Top 1%, That’s the REAL problem with this country.


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