Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Announced

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Announced



Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 AnnouncedJ .just a couple of days ago, Microsoft [MSFT] officially launched Windows Phone 7. The new operating system was also listed along side 9 smartphones that would be launching in various parts of the world.

Dell Venue Pro features is it have a slide down QWERTY keyboard. This particular phone was originally spotted as the Dell Lightning, but for various reasons, switched to being called the Venue Pro at has a large 4.1 inch AMOLED display. On the back a 5 megapixel camera can be found. Inside, it runs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

The Venue Pro will be launched in the US exclusively on the T-Mobile network on or around the 8th November. In the UK, the same device is expected a little earlier on October 21.

The launch will potentially being Dell back to the smartphone market. Already this year the company launched the Dell Streak which is a five inch Android tablet/phone. Adding a Windows Phone 7 device with a fairly large screen will add to their presence. we will give you more detail about it soon…

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