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Autorun Will be Removed in Next Microsoft Update

Autorun Will be Removed in Next Microsoft Update


When We put CD in the drive, then the disk automatically started to load up the software. Autorun feature is first showed up in Windows 95.this might have been a handy feature for some, annoying for others, one thing that took advantage of it was the virus and malware.

When media load up automatically it allowed an infected disk to load up and infect Your operating system.

Microsoft has included the latest update. from this update you can now disabled Autorun on Windows Server 2008 as well as any version of Windows that was made before Windows 7. For those running Windows 7, Autorun was already disabled out of the box.

When the latest Windows update has arrives, it will disable the Autorun feature. that will help users to run a little safer. it’s not the only way you might have got an infection on your PC, but at least it eliminates one method and at the same time, helps you in the fight against the slow PC.

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