Apple TV Sales Figures Show 250K Sold

Apple TV Sales Figures Show 250K Sold



Apple TV Sales Figures Show 250K Sold Yesterday, Apple [AAPL] held a fiscal earnings call with a Q&A. In the Q&A part, Steve Jobs revealed that the Apple TV was doing well and that the company had sold over quarter of a million units since the launch last week.

These numbers of course are no match for the iPad which sold 300,000 on day one, although for a newly relaunched device thats just 18 days old (at the time of the call), its still impressive for the company who said it was more of a hobby.Part of the success could be attributed to the low price point of just $99 in the US although there’s rental costs after that you should remember. Either way, it did better than we expected.i hope this will reach with us sooon.

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