Apple iPad Has 95% Market Share

Apple iPad Has 95% Market Share



The Apple iPad is responsible for 95% of the tablet market at the moment. This comes as no real surprise as so far as its not really had much competition up till now.

This dramatic lead is expected to shift over the next few months as a bunch of Android tablets are getting launched. The main product to look out for at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Tab that launched in the UK yesterday and is following soon in the US within the next week or two.

more Android tablets appear over the next few months it is expected that the market share Apple has enjoyed so far will soon be gone.

The analysts estimate Apple sold 4.19 million iPads in Q3 2010, with global tablet sales rising 26-percent – to 4.4m units – but Android market share declining from 2.9- to 2.3-percent in the same period.

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